You Can Help Seniors and Veterans!

Volunteer Drivers are needed in Contra Costa County

Rides for Seniors and our Rides 4 Veterans Programs bridges the gap in services for seniors and disabled veterans in Contra Costa County who no longer drive and cannot access other forms of transportation.  In our society, mobility equals independence, so without a safe and available alternative to driving, the end result for seniors is often institutionalization.


Details about volunteering: 

This is a neighbor driving neighbors rides program for seniors and veterans.  We are a nonprofit and do not charge our members for the rides.  Most rides take about 3 hours from start to finish.  This would entail picking a client up at their door, helping them into the car, driving them to their destination (mostly medical appointments or grocery shopping), taking them to the waiting room of their medical appointment then driving them back to their dwelling and walking them back up to their door.  Most of our volunteers take 1 ride every week but some do more and some do less.  You would be able to make your own schedule.  We send an email list every week with about 100 rides for the following week. Then you would choose which ride you would want to do based on your location and time you have available.  There is no pressure to take rides if you are not available.


Requirements for volunteer drivers:

  • Be a caring, mature individual who is willing and able to provide transportation to an ambulatory senior or veteran who can no longer drive.
  • Age 25 – 75 with a current driver’s license.
  • Excellent driving record and crime free background.
  • Own or have access to a reliable, safe vehicle that is registered and insured.
  • Participate in a three hour training class before giving first ride.

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. As the senior population ages, we cannot keep pace with the growing demand for services without your help. You are the life line for the senior and veteran communities.

To become a volunteer for Rides for Seniors, call:

In Contra Costa County: 925.284.2215

To become a volunteer for Rides 4 Veterans, call:

In Contra Costa County: 925.284.2215

Or fill out and send the form below and our office will contact you.

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