Mobility Matters:
Contra Costa’s Mobility Management Center

Mobility Management
Encouraging and facilitating transportation options
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Mobility Management is a comprehensive, strategic, cost effective approach to encourage the development of best practices in the coordination of transportation services, connecting people needing transportation to available resources within a community or region. Its focus is the person, the individual with specific needs, rather than a particular transportation mode. Mobility Management involves creating partnerships with providers to enhance travel options, and then developing means to effectively communicate those options to the public.

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Our mission

Mobility Matters provides mobility management services throughout Contra Costa County by matching riders to transportation providers that meet their individual needs. Mobility Matters operates volunteer driver programs that provide free, one-on-one, door-through-door rides for seniors and disabled veterans who cannot access other forms of transportation.

Our Programs

for Seniors
Providing transportation for seniors who can no longer drive
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Rides 4 Veterans
Providing transportation for veterans who can no longer drive
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Transportation Info & Referrals
Providing information on other local transportation services
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Contact Us:
To Volunteer Call: (925) 284-2215
For Rides Call:
(925) 284-6161