Mobility Management

In January 2015, Mobility Matters (formerly known as Senior Helpline Services) began to implement the Contra Costa County Mobility Management Plan. This includes:

  • Completing an inventory of transportation providers/programs in all of Contra Costa County.
  • Updating and redesigning “Way to Go Contra Costa!”. This is an information guide for transportation options available in Contra Costa County.
  • Developing a website with an electronic version of the guide.
  • Developing a county wide approach to help fully implement Travel Training in Contra Costa County.
  • Leading the VITAL (Volunteers in Transportation Advocacy Link) group. This is a group of 9 Bay Area volunteer driver program operators who share information and resources.
  • Participating as active members of the Senior Mobility Action Council (SMAC), the transportation workgroup of the Advisory Council on Aging.
  • Brokering the distribution of County Connection paratransit vans to central county non-profit agencies serving both people with disabilities and seniors.
  • Participating in the 9 county Bay Area Mobility Management group, representing Contra Costa County.
  • Serving as faculty with the California Highway Patrol for their “Age Well/Drive Smart” workshop for seniors addressing safe driving and other options when one no longer drives.
  • Completing a survey of Community Based Organizations that use vans to transport their clients and their interest in working with County Connection for lower cost and high quality maintenance of those vans.
  • Consulting with Senior Villages on transportation issues, specifically their volunteer driver programs.


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